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Workshops are a gerat way to upskill yourself quickly but they need to have the right information and the right teacher to be useful.


I have carefully constructed a 20 page Booklet which is supplied to all participants and I specialize in taking you through
non-technical explanations for the things people find most confusing when starting out.


As an extension you can attend one of the smaller sized editing workshops designed to cover what you need to know in both Lightroom and Photoshop. These are hands on editing style setups where you work through on your laptop or computer rather than lecture style.


I also offer one on one tuition for those with specific requirements or prefer that to group classes. 


Please book via the contact page on this website for any of the workshops listed below.



DSLR 1 day workshop
Workshops will start again in the new year
Book now via Contact Page

This workshop is aimed at people just starting out in photography and wanting to get out of Auto mode and take control of the creative decisions by mastering manual mode. 

It also contains a module on light both natural and studio/flash and how to use and manipulate it to your advantage. 

We also cover basic composition rules and an introduction to editing.


The 1 day workshop is $175 and includes a 20 page booklet of notes..

One on One Tuition
Request a session 
Book now via Contact Page

This style of tuition is by appointment only and will be designed specifically for your requested areas of either shooting, lighting or editing.

Lessons will be in the Heathcote based studio or by arrangement on location for specific shooting genres.

Tuition Fee : $100 p/hr

Editing Workshop

Editing workshops are limited to 3 people per session and run for 3 hours.

They will generally cover image processing in Lightroom from import through to export and then gaining an understanding of Photoshop and how layers work.

For more advanced techniques you may request one on one sessions after attending the initial workshop.


Editing Workshop is $85 and held in the Heathcite based studio.

Student Group

All workshop and one on one tuition clients are invited to join the private sudent facebook group.

This is setup to act as an ongoing place to get advice on images you have taken or discuss photography in general.

There will also be exclusive student only invites for free photowalk sessions.



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