Why I teach........

May 19, 2015

A lot of people ask me why I teach other people how to take and edit photos...... surely you are training your competition they tell me.


I see it a different way.


Firstly people will enter the industry whether I teach or not so it will not avoid the 'competition'.


Secondly Photography is Art and Art is subjective.... what one likes another hates .... without a diverse range of artists the photographic community is nothing but a group of people copying each other.


I teach the tools but I also like to encourage creativity and have people find their own way after initially gaining some influences.


Another side is that if people are entering the industry why not make sure the quality of their work is up to a standard of professionalism that warrants proper returns in respect of what they charge. A whole bunch of bad and cheap photographers does nothing for the industry as a whole.


So I teach and I share and I grow myself as a photographer and person for that.







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May 19, 2015

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